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‘Outdated’ Burial Laws Must Be Reformed

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Probate, Wills | 0 comments

The Law Commission has called on the government to bring outmoded burial laws up to date, saying that a review is necessary because family disputes are on the rise regarding wills and because new burial trends mean more regulation is required.

At the moment, a person’s wishes have no legal standing even if they’ve expressed them in a will and their desires can be overruled after they’ve died if family members decide to do something different, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The commission – which reviews laws on behalf of the government – observed that in some instances the law is not aligned with expectations of the general public and also doesn’t always reflect the more “diverse family structures” that we know have. This is resulting in extra stress and emotion at what is already a difficult time for families.

It went on to note that revised rules would “seek to provide greater certainty that a person’s wishes in respect of what happens to their body following death are respected”.

That being said, it’s still vital that you do make a will to make sure your assets are distributed as you see fit. If you die intestate, without having made a will, it’s possible that your estate could go to people you don’t want it to.

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