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Divorce Monday Is Upon Us

by | Jan 1, 2018 | Family & Divorce | 0 comments

You may be looking for the best family mediation Epsom has to offer if you had a difficult Christmas period.

The first Monday back to work is dubbed ‘divorce Monday’, and with very good reason. The New Year tends to herald in threats of divorce in much the same way that Christmas brings with it news of engagements.

If you have been having a difficult holiday season and are considering filing for divorce this January, it is a good idea to ask why?

Failed expectations

This is often a reason cited for people divorcing after having children. The change in dynamic when one person goes out to work while the other one stays at home with children can be disruptive enough to end a marriage for some.


Money worries are also likely to cause you to divorce, particularly if one person is hiding money, or spending it much faster, and without consultation, with the other partner.

Stanley Corey, a certified financial planner and managing director at United Capital in Great Falls, Virginia, told Business Insider.

“It comes down to the breaking of trust,” Corey explains. “If you’re carrying a lot of debt, it creates a lot of anxiety. Money is a very emotional issue.”

If you are facing potential marriage breakdown this January, then why not consider how family mediation may help you either avoid a divorce, or assist you family as it goes through this difficult process. We can help you discuss what is best for your needs at this time.