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Vegetarianism and Gym Going Cited As Unreasonable Behaviour

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Family & Divorce | 0 comments

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January is peak season for divorce, as many people reflect on the previous year and the Christmas period, and may decide they feel their marriage is over.

Many divorces are brought due to one party citing ‘unreasonable behaviour’, and it is in fact the most commonly cited grounds for divorce in the UK. To prove that one party has demonstrated unreasonable behaviour the other must prove it has made the other intolerable to live with, or resulted in the marriage irretrievably breaking down.

Originally, people would use grounds of unreasonable behaviour to petition for divorce from someone who was abusive or who had an alcohol problem. Now people are increasingly petitioning for divorce on the grounds of their unreasonable behaviour as a result of their partners’ new hobby or eating habits.

Nicola McInnes, head of family law at Gorvin’s, on Tiviot Dale told the MEN people were using ‘unreasonable behaviour’ as an umbrella term for different lifestyles emerging during a marriage, including different political opinions or spending hours on the internet.

Ms McInnes said: “The problem is that in England and Wales if you want to get divorced quickly you have to cite adultery or unreasonable behaviour as the cause.

“We also hear a lot from women who are certain their husband is messing about or being unfaithful, but have no proof. But sometimes it can just be a case of drifting apart.”

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