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The main things that homeowners worry about has been unveiled in a new survey from the HomeOwners Alliance (HOA), BLP Insurance and architects.

While house prices and saving the money for a deposit came out overwhelmingly as the biggest concerns, with 85 per cent citing these issues, there are a number of other things that people are anxious about.

For instance, 63 per cent of those surveyed have concerns about the quality of the country’s housing stock, while 60 per cent believe the leasehold system is a big worry.

Another thing that sellers are particularly worried about is gazundering. This is where a buyer drops the price they’re willing to pay for a property just before the sale is due to go through. 45 per cent of those questioned said this was a worry, up from 40 per cent a year earlier.

Negative equity, where a home’s value falls to below the amount it is mortgaged for, is another thing that more homeowners are worrying about now than last year. 45 per cent named this as an issue, a rise of three per cent since the 2018 survey.

Property purchases have stagnated in recent months, research published in February revealed. Data from Reapit found that exchanges in property transactions fell by 36 per cent between November and January, compared to the five-year average.

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