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A new report by the Nuffield Foundation has described the divorce process in England and Wales as too complicated, noting that many other countries have a much simpler process for those seeking divorce to follow.

The Law Gazette reported on the findings, with the report pointing out that the number of steps faced by couples in England and Wales is greater than elsewhere in the world.

In some countries, divorcing couples only need to go through one or two mandatory procedures, or legal steps, to get a divorce. One area where the process in England and Wales could be simplified is in removing the need for an interim decree.

The Ministry of Justice is currently considering reforms to the divorce process, and is due to announce its recommendations later this year.

According to the Nuffield Foundation, divorce in England and Wales could be reduced to two steps, rather than three. In doing so, the administrative burden on courts would be lessened, while couples would find the process easier and less confusing.

“The simplicity of the process elsewhere contrasts with England and Wales where the petitioner must reaffirm their desire to divorce on multiple occasions,” the report stated.

Going through a divorce is a difficult process and one that can be very stressful, especially if there are children involved. Last year, research by wealth management firm Quilter found that almost half of parents were worried about financial issues like inheritance and how that would be handled following a divorce.

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