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A new survey has asked 43,000 women why their marriage broke down – and some of the top reasons for divorces may surprise you.

Next Love, a dating site for divorcee single parents, carried out the poll to find out why relationships end. At the top of the list was different goals with life, while infidelity was the second most common reason for a marriage failing.

Constant arguments was the third most cited reason for divorce, followed by a lack of intimacy in fourth place, and mental illness in fifth position.

Other factors that made it into the top ten included boredom, physical abuse and money problems.

Sigurd Vedal, CEO of Next Love, commented: “This lack of common interests in a long-term life together may also lead to the second reason on the list.”

The Times recently pointed out that MPs appear to be leaning towards a reform in divorce laws, to a system that doesn’t attribute blame for the end of a relationship. Justice secretary David Gaulke reportedly said that the current system generates “more antagonism than we really need”.

However, the news provider also noted that trials of non-fault divorces were held in 1996, but scrapped in 2001 because it was found to be “unworkable and flawed”.

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