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Have You Started Saving For Your Funeral Yet?

by | Aug 30, 2018 | News | 0 comments

It’s perhaps not something that you want to think about but planning for later on in life is always wise, particularly when you think about the rising costs of funerals. Do you want your family and friends to be saddled with huge bills at what will already be a distressing and emotional time?

New research from Co-op Funeralcare and Life Planning has found that 81 per cent of people haven’t put anything away towards their funeral as yet, despite the fact that four million people have experienced financial difficulties as a result of someone dying.

Some 41 per cent of people have yet to put any financial plans in place with regards to dying, including wills, funeral plans and lasting power of attorney, it was also revealed… and given the fact that 18 million people say they feel uncomfortable discussing death, dying and bereavement, this is perhaps unsurprising.

Commenting on the results, managing director of Co-op Funeralcare Robert MacLachlan said: “We see increasingly that a failure to properly deal with death has a knock-on impact for the bereaved, affecting mental health and also triggering financial hardship.

“It’s overwhelming that the survey led to 30,000 people sharing their views. Now that we have such a wealth of insight on what stops the nation engaging with death and bereavement, we can start to address these areas and work with others to drive genuine social change.”

The organisation is now working alongside the likes of British Red Cross, Cruse Bereavement Care, Child Bereavement UK, Dying Matters, Sue Ryder and more to help drive chances on how we can all better approach the subject of death.

It is absolutely essential that you do make a will so as to make sure that your assets are distributed as you wish. If you die intestate – having not made a will – it’s possible that your estate will end up in the hands of people you would not wish to be in control, so being proactive is wise, even if it does mean you have to have difficult conversations with friends and family.

Here at Gumersalls, will solicitors in Epsom, we can help you draft both simple and complex documents, even incorporating trusts if required. We sit down with you to discuss your circumstances face to face so that you know you’re receiving the best advice out there.

Not only that but we can help you put an attorney in place so you know your affairs will be dealt with properly on your behalf should you lose mental capacity. We can manage the preparation and registration of both types of Lasting Power of Attorney and the registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney.

And get in touch with us as well if someone you know has lost capability and can’t look after their own affairs. If they don’t have an attorney in place, we can help you in applying to the court of protection to be appointed as a deputy.