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Quietest Home Moving Spots In The UK Identified

by | Aug 19, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Research from home-buying platform YesHomeBuyers has identified the quietest home moving areas of the UK.

According to Property Reporter, the research was based on the average number of annual transactions over the last five years and has shown that areas such as Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cornwall have seen more than 10,000 homes sold per year on average.

However, not everywhere in the UK has seen the same rate of properties being exchanged. Since 2016, there was an average of 196 properties a year sold across the City of London, the lowest rate of all of the UK.

The next quietest was Rutland in the East Midlands with an average of 676 homes sold per year, and Merthyr Tydfil in Wales was third with 715 homes per year sold on average every year.

Making up the top ten was Richmondshire in Yorkshire and Humber (748), Oadby and Wigston (760) and Melton (798) in the East Midlands, Blaenau Gwent (854), Clackmannanshire (902), Eden (914) in the North West and West Devon (924) in the South West

Matthew Cooper, the founder and managing director of Yes Homebuyers, commented: “The UK market is incredibly diverse and there are a whole host of reasons that might see an area clock up very few transactions each and every year. The City of London is a good example of a pocket of the market that is small in size and fairly sparse in terms of stock, as much of the area is focused on commercial property.”

He added that rural areas will have lower levels of available stock, and a lack of transport links, amenities, or housing suitable for families or single working professionals may have an influence on the number of homes sold per year, so while they might be the quietest areas, it doesn’t mean they are not popular!


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