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Funerals have been changing over the last few years, with fewer people opting for a traditional or religious send-off once they pass. However, despite more Brits desiring personalised wakes, only seven per cent have a funeral plan in place.

This is according to the latest findings from Co-op Funeralcare, which revealed 45 per cent of adults who have considered their funeral arrangements have not even shared their thoughts with their loved ones.

Therefore, they could end up with a service they do not want, with just ten per cent of people opting for a religious ceremony these days, while 44 per cent think funerals will become more informal in years to come.

Indeed, 19 per cent said they would choose a countryside funeral; 15 per cent would have theirs in a favourite beauty spot; and 14 per cent would opt for a beach location instead of a traditional setting. Three per cent would even choose a football ground if they could.

Managing director of Co-op Funeralcare Samantha Tyrer said: “The funeral sector is rapidly changing… Our funerals represent the unique life an individual has lived. More so now than ever before we’re seeing requests for wonderfully personalised ceremonies, whether that be on the eighteenth hole of a golf club or having a pet dog present on the day.”

Therefore, Ms Tyrer emphasised the importance for people to write down their funeral wishes so their friends and family know what they want before they pass away.

It is also very important for Brits to consider what will happen to their estate once they are gone, which is why they should get in touch with will solicitors in Epsom who can offer advice on where to distribute assets.

Indeed, Co-op Funeralcare and Life Planning recently revealed that 41 per cent of people have not put their finances in order in the event of their death.