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When a marriage breaks down it is painful for both parties, but if you have children then there are other lives to consider as well.

An article for the Guardian recently noted that divorce rates in the UK are falling, but highlighted the challenges faced by children in single-parent families.

The news provider cited figures from single parents’ charity Gingerbread, which revealed that 35 per cent of children living with just one parent don’t have contact with their absent parent. Given that there are approximately three million children living in single parent families, that equates to one million youngsters.

There is also evidence that children whose parents break up are more likely to suffer from mental health or drug problems, which is why it’s so important to focus on providing a loving environment where both parents can be involved if you’re divorcing – or splitting up as an unmarried couple.

Of course, while there are downsides to parents separating, the Guardian noted that it’s positive that fewer people are trapped in unhappy relationships or, worse, violent ones.

Finding the right family solicitors in Epsom could help you come to an agreement that works for everyone in your family, ensuring that you carefully consider the custody of your children and how much time they spend with each of you, as well as the financial side of divorce.

Last month, an article in Family Law stressed the importance of seeking legal advice from a family lawyer ahead of a divorce because they can help with negotiations, provide advice and ensure that any settlement is fair to both parties.