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Govt Adds £1.3m To Mediation Programme

by | Mar 10, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Divorcing couples have been encouraged to discuss their disputes amicably, thanks to additional investment to the government’s mediation scheme.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Justice announced an extra £1.3 million will be put into the programme, which will provide 2,440 more vouchers for mediation services at £500 for each couple.

In total, the government has invested £3.3 million in the initiative since it was launched in March 2021 in an attempt to encourage separating couples to work through their problems away from the courts.

Deputy Prime Minister Lord Chancellor and secretary state for justice Dominic Raab said: “I want to see children and their parents spared the stress and conflict of the courtroom as much as possible, and I’m delighted that thousands more will now have the opportunity to resolve their disputes in less combative way.”

Since its launch, 77 per cent of those who used the vouchers reached a whole or partial agreement outside of the court. This is despite nearly half (49 per cent) admitting they would have not considered using mediation services if they had not received the funding.

This additional finance could be very useful to many couples at the moment, as it is just a couple of weeks after National Divorce Day.

The first working Monday of the new year typically sees a surge in enquiries about legal separations. It is thought that many families try to resolve their problems over Christmas or remain together during the festive period for the sake of the children before going their separate ways once January arrives.

While mediation can be an effective tool for an amicable divorce, it is also worth seeking advice from a divorce solicitor in Surrey for a better understanding of your rights and the legal procedures.