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Being cooped up with your spouse for weeks on end is likely to have proved challenging for even the most secure married couple, which is why some experts believe there could be a surge in demand for divorce solicitors in Epsom during lockdown.

However, it is not just having to share the same space as your partner that can put a strain on a relationship. The economic fallout of the coronavirus could also result in more arguments, as the effect of the pandemic continues to unfold in weeks to come.

Alfredo Rodriguez, professor of psychologist at Madrid’s university UCM, told Vanguardia: “We will see an increase in divorces as a result of the stress of being confined to our spouses for so long.”

While spouses have been used to working separately, enjoying different hobbies, and having our own private social lives from our partners, being in quarantine means being forced to spend the entire day with each other without any interaction with another person.

Professor Rodriguez stated there is often an increase in divorces after periods where couples are forced to spend more time together, including following a holiday. Christmas is also an extremely popular time to begin proceedings, as the occasion sees spouses spending one or two weeks doing little more than being at home with the kids all day.

In addition to this being a challenge, the psychologist believes the “economic uncertainty” that will ensue could impact relationships, whether that means putting off having children or adding pressure to a household.

Couples who want to start divorce proceedings as soon as possible can pursue their legal separation even during lockdown. Lawyers are working remotely by telephone, video calls and email to ensure client matters are still being dealt with during the global crisis.