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The best family mediation Epsom has to offer could help you to avoid having to end of your relationship.

Ending a partnership, whether it is a marriage or a civil partnership is always hard work, but were you aware there are some differences?

You cannot ‘divorce’ your civil partner, but you can ‘dissolve’ your partnership. This is similar in many regards to a divorce, and will require you to get some legal assistance with your decision.

If you don’t want to dissolve your partnership you can get a legal separation. Note, you will not be able to dissolve your partnership until a year has passed since you first started your partnership.

To initiate the end of your civil partnership you need to send paperwork to a court to ask for permission. However, you can avoid going to court to finalise the process if you and your partner can agree on money, property and the reasons for ending your partnership.

Grounds for ending a civil partnership could include:

  • Unreasonable behaviour, including abuse or being sexually unfaithful.
  • Desertion
  • Separation for over two years, if your partner agrees to it
  • Separation for over five years

Aside from the legal process of ending a civil partnership you will also need to ensure that you have decided what is happening with any children you have had in the relationship, as well as splitting up finances and property.

If you are struggling to do any of those things, then it is best to seek legal advice from us here at Gumersalls to see how you can proceed.