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New research conducted in the US has found that people whose friends go through a divorce are more likely to see their relationships end in a similar way.

The Sun reported on the study, which found people are 75 per cent more likely to get divorced if a close friend has done the same. The newspaper described it as a “domino effect” and suggested it could partially explain why 42 per cent of UK marriages end in divorce.

Three women opened up about their experiences of divorce. Alice Judge-Talbot and her two friends Kaisa Larkas and Kaeli Burbidge all ended their marriages, with Alice the first to do so.

Both Kaisa and Kaeli told the news provider that seeing how she coped with the split and how she was happier after helped give them the courage to take similar steps in their own relationships.

Alice and Kaisa both separated from their husbands in 2013, with Kaisa explaining that she decided to address the problems in her marriage after supporting Alice through her divorce. “Seeing how people reacted positively to her, and realising her strength, I felt inspired to address our problems,” she said.

Two years later, their other friend Kaeli also got divorced. Again, she revealed that watching her two best friends go through a divorce was what gave her the “push I needed to examine my marriage”.

It also goes to show that divorce doesn’t always need to be acrimonious. In many cases, people simply grow apart and a split can be amicable, as well as the best outcome for both people.

Celebrities often make the news when relationships breakdown and one famous face who’s been going through a contentious divorce is chef Paul Hollywood. He has refused to give his ex-wife half of his fortune, despite being married for 19 years.

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