A notary public’s main duty is to authenticate documents and facts for use outside England and Wales. These can relate to a wide range of activities including: overseas property transactions; administration of the affairs of people who have died; commercial transactions in other countries; court proceedings and immigration.

A Notary Public is appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury in accordance with the relevant Acts of Parliament and supervised by The Faculty Office, 1 The Sanctuary, Westminster, London, SW1P 3JT.

Mrs Laura Pawley practices as a Notary Public, which is entirely separate from the solicitors’ practice of Gumersalls, although she does work from the same office.

She is able to offer advice and assistance on the completion and authentication of documents required for abroad, verification of identity, certified copies of documents and legalisation requirements.

Please contact Laura Pawley on 01372 721122 or email her at:lp@gumersalls.co.uk